Watch MUTV online live streaming cheap and legally with this app

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watch mutv online live streaming legally
As reported by MU’s official website here , MU officially cooperate with SuperSoccer to exclusively air Manchester United TV in their SuperSoccer App. And in this post NavakaShop will guide you, step by step how you can enjoy this service in your smartphones and tablets

*If you want to subscibe, but confuse with our guide to below, you can ask us to help you by email us at :

What is MUTV ?

MUTV (Manchester United Television) is a subscription-based television channel owned and operated by Manchester United.

MUTV channel Presenting variety programs for full 24/7 that would cheer Manchester United Fans worldwide. Several MUTV fixtures are : Exclusive Documentary of Club’s History and Legendary Players, Manchester United’s Classic match, MU U-21 and U-18 live match, Recorded Man Utd Premiere League match (approx 6 hours after full time) and the very interesting one…

Live match of all friendly and pre-season games, where all fans can watch newcomer players in action.

How about Manchester United’s latest news? You got it exclusive and officially from the club!!! With all exclusive player and manager interviews.

MUTV android and ios app by SuperSoccer

We’ve got several questions : Can you watch MUTV online? Can i watch MUTV on ipad? Is MUTV available online?
All the answer is YES! Like we mentioned above, MUTV in Indonesia presented on SuperSoccer Apps that available in Google Playstore (Android) or Apple AppStore (iOS) that can use by worldwide users.. although you living in United States, Canada, even China or wherever you are..NO PROBLEMO at all.

SuperSoccer App’s MUTV cost price

How much do you have to pay to subscribe MUTV HD live stream from SuperSoccer App? The good news is.. it is extremely cheap!

And in SuperSoccer App, you also can watch : All Official Barclays Premier League, Italy Serie A ,France Ligue 1 Highlights, and bunch of football news in HD QUALITY, amazing isn’t it?

To Subscribe, you can choose one of these option :

  • IDR 35.000 (approx USD $2,7) Monthly
  • IDR 85.000 (approx USD $6,6) 3 Month
  • IDR 145.000 (approx USD $11,1) 6 Month
  • IDR 230.000 (approx USD $17,7) Anually

That means, you only pay as much as 17,7/12 = USD $1,5 monthly to get all exclusive contents of official and legal MUTV HD’s channel

Still too expensive for you? You are lucky to read this post.. because we will give you discount code to subscribe so the MUTV price will be as cheap as:

  • IDR 30.000 (approx USD $2,3) Monthly
  • IDR 85.000 (approx USD $5,8) 3 Month
  • IDR 130.000 (approx USD $10) 6 Month
  • IDR 205.000 (approx USD $15,8) Anually

In the next section, NavakaShop will explain step by step to subscribe with discount code based on device’s OS that you use

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